Film Synopsis - "Heroes, The History of Sierra On-Line"

From the 1980's into the late 1990's, Sierra On-Line was an industry-leading, revolutionary company producing some of the most ground-breaking and cutting-edge computer adventure games of all time. A combination of it's cutting-edge graphics, in-depth story lines, colorful characters and challenging feats, made Sierra's games and their designers house-hold names that are still remembered fondly and being played by their loyal fans today. For the first time, a feature-length documentary film is going to explore the people and the stories behind the company responsible for bringing countless hours of entertainment to millions around the world and laying the foundation for video games as we know them today.� Through interviews with many of the original key players like, Ken Williams, Roberta Williams, Al Lowe, Scott Murphy, Mark Crowe, Lorelei Shannon, Jane Jensen, Lori Ann and Corey Cole, John Harris, Marie+Chris Iden and many more, Molotov Angel Productions will bring to you a comprehensive look at the people, places and times of Sierra On-Line.

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